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MINT - Cloud based VoIP PBX Systems

Silicon Connection’s Managed Internet Telephone System (MINT) is an advanced enterprise grade Voice over IP (VoIP) PBX phone system hosted and managed by Silicon Connections.

MINT offers a rich and flexible feature set, providing your business with an advanced phone system for a fraction of the cost of tradition systems. Coupled with the fact that the system is fully managed and monitored by Silicon Connections, you enjoy cost savings of VoIP technology without the headaches.

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VoIP Gateway
VoIP Service
SIP Trunking Services

Reduce costs, increase flexibility and simplify your telephone system with Voice over IP (VoIP) SIP Trunking services through Silicon Connections.

SIP Trunking services allows your business to realize the benefit of lower calling costs and increased flexibility by utilizing your Internet connection to send and receive calls. Our SIP Trunks interoperate with most vendor’s PBX systems and will be fully installed by our knowledgeable technicians and installation team.

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