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DSL Services

DSL is an ideal broadband solution for home, small and medium-sized businesses that download large files or depend on fast and reliable online performance.

Silicon Connections DSL services provide download speeds up to 15 Mbps over a nationwide, redundant private network for optimized performance and security.

With 2,007 on-network and approximately 8,000 off-network Central Offices (COs), Silicon Connections DSL services provide near-ubiquitous reach.


Speed: Up to 15.0 Mbps download speed and 1.0 Mbps upload speed

Convenience: Always-on, unlimited Internet access

Nationwide Footprint: Available across Silicon Connections nationwide on-net footprint

IP Addressing: Static IP addressing is standard, to host web, mail or e-commerce servers

Services offered on both shared and dedicated line basis for 1.5 Mbps/384 Kbps to 6.0 Mbps/768 Kbps
Services offered on a dedicated line basis for 8.0 Mbps/1.0 Mbps to 15.0 Mbps/1.0 Mbps
Dedicated ADSL provides DSL benefits without the shared telephone requirements of other DSL services
Quality-of-Service (QoS) offers high-performance for real-time applications
Static or dynamic IP addressing
IPv4 or IPv6 addressing
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